Current Uwt Stock News: Covid 19 Making Shares Dip 83%

In these precarious times, the oil prices are slumping bad, and the after-effects can be seen in the NYSE: UWT (velocity shares 3x crude oil) stock prices. In these bad times, stocks are getting effected and big-time as west texas futures dipped low after the Saudi Arabia and Russia announced their price war intentions. Under all these circumstances, according to uwt stock news at , the prices are dipping and have shown a decrease that is five times than before.

Automatic acceleration of UWT’s

After seeing that the UWT prices are dipping, it can be quite interesting to see how the future is shaped for the stocks, especially for an exchange-traded product. This is in the wake of the fact that UWT trading has an automatic acceleration clause in it.

One may ask what an automatic acceleration clause is? When the ETN trading on the active hours of the NYSE Arca trading, or after the settlement time on a business day is 25% less than closing indicative value of ETN’s (this means the indicative closing value of the day before is almost 75 percent more than the today’s intraday indicative value). This type of event is called a trigger event. 

Under such a trigger event, the ETNs will be triggered and accelerated automatically, and this is called as automatic acceleration. Those who hold these ETNs will get a cash equivalent automatic acceleration amount on redemption per ETN on the automatic acceleration date.

Therefore is it can be said according to uwt stock news that if oil keeps dropping like this, then the UWT will give their investors redemption value with an increase in volatility.  

In the wake of coronavirus

The speed at which the UWT is dipping, there can mass liquidation. Traders are pouring money into the UWT and are also taking away the same amount form the UWT counterpart DWT (velocity shares 3x inverse ETN). However, the stock of UWT is still a point of the talk, as the indicative closing value is still on the perch of keeping an eye on. 

In the rise of the global fear and crisis, the UWT stocks are getting hit bad; as of March 11, the day covid 19 was declared a pandemic, the indicative closing value was $1.21. However, now the trading price of the UWT shares is $0.2602, which is almost 83% low than the closing price of the 11th march. 

On top of this, the UWT is not getting press coverage as the last week; the coverage point was of -5.0. also, this is seen that the current press coverage will have a major impact on the share prices of UWT. You can also know the Nasdaq solo news at .