How to buy GOOG and GOOGL stock

Many people like to buy Google shares. These shares are of two types and they are GOOG and GOOGL. The only difference between them is that GOOGL shares have voting power while GOOG Some people think that purchasing Google shares is not good but still people f do so. One of the benefits of buying Google shares is that that when dividend is released, both GOOG and GOOGL shareholders get equal amount of money. Let us know about Google in details

Introduction to Google

Google is a technology company and belongs to the US. It does its trade on NASDAQwith the help of GOOGL and GOOG tickers. The value of the company is around $790 billion. The company provides many products and services to its customers and users. Some of these services include YouTube, Google Search, Google Translate, Android operating system for mobiles, and many more. People can buy the shares of the company following the steps discussed here.

Steps of purchasing Google shares

People can buy shares for different purposes let us check the steps of purchasing Google shares.

Find an online broker

The first step in this case is to find an online broker. There are chances that the broker that a buyer chooses does not have the authority to help him to buy Google shares. It is so because access to NASDAQ is not available to them.  The buyer needs to find such a broker who has the access to NASDAQ exchange. He should select many brokers and check reviews about them given by other buyers. In this way, he will be able to select such a broker who will help him in getting Google shares without any problem. The buyer has to open an account for further process and the broker will help him to doso.

Opening the account

After selecting the broker, the next step is to open an account. Opening the account is an online process and the buyer can open it easily in the same way as people open Gmail account. Some brokers may take one or two days to open the account as they do some background check of the buyer before opening their account.

Depositing the money

In order to buy Google share, the buyer needs to send some cash to the broker. This can be done with internet banking or with credit or debit card.

Purchasing the shares

After giving the money to the broker, the buyer now can press the buy button to purchase the shares. The buyer has to login to the brokerage account and then type the number of shares that he wants to buy. After clicking the buy button, he will become the owner of the shares. For more information like cash flow, you can visit